Friday, March 26, 2010

Wow! It's been a long time!

The time has flown by since my last I'm sorry!  Taking care of a large house, 2 kids, a dog and a full time job sucks up a lot of time!

I have been busy in the Craft Closet tho!  I completely reorganized my whole crafting world!  It was no mean feat, let me tell you!  My "Closet" had become a black hole, sucking in things where they couldn't be found, that is unless I went in search of something else!

Here's a few photos of the reorg!

These are my beloved Color Cubies!  My Brother and SIL created them!  He is a master craftsman and she is..well...the most creative person I know!

You can find them here!

Here is the 2nd part of my reorg!  Joann Fabric and I have a wonderful relationship!

Well that pretty much does it for this post!  As you can see, I now have no excuse for not posting my creations! 

See you next time and Thanks for stopping by!

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